Technology Contract Negotiations

Technology contracts aren’t like other obligations. Technology Solutions, and their billing terms, are often complex. Validating that you’ve been receiving the service you purchased and at the agreed price can be difficult, especially for personnel who may not have deep technical knowledge. Determining whether you could be paying less, getting better service or moving to a superior technology requires an even higher level of expertise. Let BCM One be your knowledge partner in optimizing your technology spend and supplier contracts based on our 25+ years in business and our proprietary solution called Sophia™.


BCM One works on a success fee basis that guarantees positive returns, so you have nothing to lose and budget dollars to gain.


We can partner with you in different ways. We can fully manage your contract negotiations from end-to-end on an attractive sliding scale success fee basis OR we can apply our expertise at the end of your negotiation processes and charge a set fee on final savings achieved. If we receive compensation from suppliers you contract with as part of this process, we can offset a portion of our fees.

Get More from Your Tech Spend

  • Recover past overcharges and billing errors from current suppliers
  • Uncover and reset outdated, off-market, or obsolete pricing
  • Consolidate contracts or migrate to more competitive suppliers
  • Identify stranded, duplicate, or unneeded services so budget dollars can be redirected to current projects
  • Leverage BCM One’s direct pricing visibility into 55+ technology suppliers and 4,000+ clients to get the best technology available at the most competitive rates and on the most attractive terms
  • Make better informed decisions about your future technology spend

Empower Contract Negotiations

  • Centralized contract details to monitor all obligations in one place
  • Inventory linked to contracts, so price scenarios can be modeled
  • Pricing visibility with 55+ suppliers to ensure you get the best price
  • Order flow of 4,000+ clients to benchmark contractual terms
  • Deep relationships with Tier 1 suppliers to leverage in special situations
  • Proactive contract alerts to notify you when milestones requiring action are approaching

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