Faster and Manage Contracts

Technology Expense Management

BCM One Technology Expense Management eliminates the time-consuming nature of checking technology invoices, ensuring you pay for what you owe and get rapid issue resolution.

Let BCM One not just manage your technology expenses but optimize them.

What Is Technology Expense Management?

BCM One Expense Management is the easiest way to take charge of your technology spend so you not only identify billing issues but can resolve them faster and manage contracts with less work.

Don’t Just Manage Expenses. Optimize Them.

Don’t Just Manage Expenses. Optimize Them.

Tired of vetting hundreds of monthly bills and constantly engaging in billing disputes? Do you wish it was automated?

Technology solutions and their billing terms are often complex. Validating the hundreds of invoices that your company receives can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s easier to just pay when disputing charges can put you at risk for service disruptions, fees and conflict with suppliers. Costs can quickly get out of control.

BCM One Technology Expense Management helps you take charge of your technology spend. With BCM One’s Technology Expense Management, you can leverage Technology Expense Management features with the added benefits of Technology Expense Optimization. No other provider offers a single, automated solution to solve problems rather than just identifying them. Our TEM solution is the ideal solution for mid-to-enterprise level businesses with a minimum of forty-thousand per month technology spend.

Our proprietary Sophia™ platform is a first-of-its-kind managed Technology Expense Optimization solution that automates billing verification, issue identification, dispute resolution and bill payment so you can work smarter and process invoices accurately and confidently. Our clients save up to 20% on annual technology spend within the first year of working with us.

Save Money or It’s on Us

We’re so confident that you’ll save more money on technology bills than you spend on Sophia, we’ll refund the difference. Guaranteed. You’ll also get back your time and have peace of mind you’re not overpaying, settling or putting your organization at risk.


Core Features

BCM One’s Technology Expense Management is unlike anything you’ve ever used or seen on the market. Our technology, data and forensic accounting specialists developed and support a solution to help you ease your workload, streamline expense management, and save money.

Sophia automatically updates inventory every time you receive an invoice and resolve exceptions, for an always-current, centralized database. Before a technology invoice appears in Sophia for your review, our solution checks billing data against service inventory data to identify inconsistencies, line by line. It then provides tools to research and fix issues with a few clicks.

Sophia is the only tool that gives you the option of allocating technology invoices at the header, sub-account or service number level. Sophia stores and automatically inherits allocations from month to month. We even customize our processes to fit your specific workflow, integrating it into your business systems for ultimate efficiency and accuracy.

Sophia also cues up proactive email notifications to your team when contract milestones are approaching to help you avoid inadvertent auto-renews, tariff rate conversions and extensions of off-market contracts. Our pricing team will negotiate with tier-one suppliers to get you the best technology at the most competitive rates and terms.

Benefits of BCM One Technology Expense Management

Benefits of BCM One
Technology Expense Management

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Sophia will save you up to 20% on your technology spend by making sure you are only paying for what you actually owe and staying on top of supplier contracts.

More efficient workflow

More efficient workflow

We will save you time and streamline your billing, invoicing and contract management processes based on how you work and where you want invoice data to go once it leaves Sophia.

Centralized data

Centralized data

With everything you need in one place, you spend less time sorting through invoices and have less risk for errors and missed items that cause costs to soar.

Smarter spend

Smarter spend

Sophia helps you make wiser decisions with your technology dollars and ensures you can easily allocate those costs to areas using the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive solution combines classic Technology Expense Management features, like invoice data parsing, automated invoice verification, expense allocation and electronic transfer of invoices into accounting systems with our Technology Expense Optimization features. These include dynamic inventory management, service level invoice auditing, embedded exception resolution tools, multi-level invoice allocation, proactive contracts management and custom workflow integration.

No. BCM One is the only provider that takes Technology Expense Management to the next level with Technology Expense Optimization. Before you invest in a solution, you have to see Sophia in action.

Our proprietary Sophia tool can reconstruct your historical qualifying spend and identify business and contract support for why a charge did or did not meet committed levels in various areas. Our team of TEM and contract experts and technology specialists prepare the data and provide an in-depth analysis of your contracts, spend commitments, existing technology services and future growth plans to spur conversations with your supplier. We ensure you get the most value possible and mediate a win-win resolution to maintain a healthy relationship with your supplier.

Yes. Sophia can identify ways to reduce costs and improve performance by analyzing your current contracts to ensure they are priced fairly according to market averages. If we find pricing is higher than normal, we will present alternatives and roadmaps for contract renegotiation or supplier replacement.