Enterprise Voice

Gain flexibility, scalability and efficiency with a comprehensive voice solution.

Modernize legacy PSTN systems and supercharge collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom with true enterprise voice capabilities.

BCM One’s Pure IP Enterprise Voice Solutions enable secure, reliable enterprise telephony to power today’s remote and hybrid workforces.

Does This Sound Familiar?

As a business with 250+ employees, have you experienced any of these common scenarios?

  • You have multiple on-premises voice systems and want to move to a cloud-based, modern voice solution like MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Zoom
  • You have a stalled voice migration with another provider you are unhappy with
  • You desire a single voice provider to service all of your voice platforms
  • You require 5-digit dialing support for all your platforms
  • You need to integrate your Contact Center and legacy communications infrastructure
  • You can’t find a voice provider that delivers voice globally (we offer compliant PSTN replacement in 50 countries and voice services in 137 countries)
  • You need an experienced voice team that specializes in voice migrations for enterprise businesses

The solution – BCM One offers Pure IP Enterprise Voice. The answer to your voice pain points and needs.


What Is Enterprise Voice?

Pure IP Enterprise Voice is a robust and integrated communications solution that helps businesses communicate more efficiently and cost-effectively through cloud voice-based channels.

Benefits of Pure IP Enterprise Voice

Increased flexibility

Without location constraints, Enterprise Voice allows you to scale your system to fit your current needs using SIP trunking so employees can connect and collaborate wherever they work.

Streamlined operations

Enterprise Voice combines phone and data requirements in a single network, with the ability to add in third-party applications to enhance capabilities without complicating operations.

Reduced costs

Consolidating billing and vendor management streamlines your processes and stretches your budget, enabling you to use your time and money more effectively.

Advanced intelligence

Cloud-based voice offers robust reporting and analytics to understand how and when each feature is used per location and user to support smarter decision-making.

Improved expertise

With hosted voice, you can rely on outsourced, experienced support staff to keep your system up and running without having to train and dedicate your own staff.

Benefits of BCM One Managed SIP

Migrate Your Business Phone to the Enterprise Level

Are your business communications needing an upgrade?
Do you want a modern, unified voice platform?

Today’s businesses have to be lean to be profitable and compete, yet voice platforms are often plagued with inefficiencies. Premise-based phones and disconnected videoconferencing and collaboration platforms lead to increased costs, limits to capabilities, and a lack of visibility into your business performance and needs.

Pure IP Enterprise Voice streamlines your voice communications. Our fully managed voice solution gives you the enterprise capabilities with advanced features and integrations you need to support your modern workforce—all controllable via your customer management portal. Enjoy secure and resilient voice service delivered by a leading NextGen communications provider.

Pure IP Enterprise Voice offers licensed PSTN replacement services in 47 countries, coverage in 137 countries and flexible solutions for those hard-to-reach places. We offer a complimentary suite of services and have partnerships and capabilities with the leading application and platform providers. From number management and call recording to PBX auditing and contact center connectivity, enhance and modernize your business voice platform with BCM One’s Pure IP Enterprise Voice Solution.

Cisco Cloud Connect for Webex Calling

Cloud Connect is a “bring your own carrier” option for Webex PSTN calling and contact center using direct cloud peering, with no on-premise hardware required.

  • Expanded carrier choices in unique geographic areas
  • Enhanced services that include local currency support, managed PSTN connectivity and expanded global PSTN services like service numbers
  • Seamless management that provides a single pane of PSTN procurement and provisioning for your phone and contact center needs

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

As an original Operator Connect provider, we’ve been offering easy-to-launch cloud-based solutions to enable businesses to make and receive external calls to and from the PSTN through Microsoft Teams for several years. What does this mean? We have years of experience launching Operator Connector, mastering voice migrations to Teams.

  • Quick-to-provision and easy-to-manage voice services through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Trusted cross-connect in Azure eliminates the need for manual configuration
  • A cost-effective, pay-for-what-you-use option that offers regionally-shared voice channels and the allowance to exceed the number of lines used without penalty

Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a traditional method of adding external calling to Microsoft Teams.

  • Agile and flexible capabilities for more complex scenarios
  • Integration with other applications

Connector for Zoom

Zoom customers can easily add PSTN calling with Connector Zoom Phone.

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Connectivity to 47 countries
  • 24/7 support with management reporting tools

Just a Few of Our Additional Solutions & Services

PBX Auditing

Understand your telephony environment to quickly migrate to the cloud.

Professional (Cloud Enablement) Services

Support and streamline your journey to cloud-based telephony with Microsoft Teams.

Dynamics Call Connect

Acquire numbers and external connectivity to enable inbound and outbound calling within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform.

Number Management

Manage all your telephone numbers in one place regardless of platform or carrier.

Call Recording

Connect and integrate with industry-leading call recording applications to help meet regulatory requirements or training needs for your business.

Connect Analog Devices

Transfer your analog and on-premise devices to your cloud environment.

Contact Center Connect

Get a pre-configured and proven connection to a host of industry-leading contact center platforms to enable external global calling.

Managed SBC Services

Remove the burden of managing on-premise SBCs within your communication environment and extend the geographical reach of your voice services.

PSTN Replacement

Replace outdated PSTN and ISDN services with our fully compliant managed services.

We empower modern businesses with the NextGen voice communications they need to be more resilient, efficient and effective.