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Managed SIP

While standard SIP Trunking over the public Internet is perfectly fine for many companies, others want a SIP solution with specific guarantees. mSIP delivers on that and more.

What Is
Managed SIP?

Managed SIP is a way for companies to connect their legacy voice infrastructure with modern technologies to route calls over data networks.

BCM One’s Managed SIP Trunking solution (mSIP) is powered by our reliable nVP product line and is ideal for SMB to enterprise-level businesses who are looking for voice quality, availability, and visibility. mSIP is certified as interoperable with major PBX vendors. Customers love its performance, price, and scalability.

Voice Enabled Teams Features

Enhance Your Voice Capabilities

Your business relies on clear, high-quality voice communications and needs dependable service no matter the circumstance. mSIP allows you to confidently and affordably migrate to SIP for greater capacity and security without sacrificing voice quality.

Multiple Connection Options

  • Our extensive peering relationships reduce latency, packet loss, and jitter by connecting directly to our mSIP network
  • Edge router traffic prioritization
  • Optional BCM One provided Internet access with CoS

Monitoring + Disaster Recovery

  • Redundancy through multiple data centers
  • LAN level auto-detecting disaster recovery
  • Optional dual-WAN failover
  • Toll-free RespOrg
  • HyperNetwork™ for inbound DID
    redundancies and protections

Eliminates Finger Pointing

  • Call quality analytics in real-time on a call-by-call basis
  • Monitoring from customer premises outward through the network
  • Proactive trouble detection, notification, and rapid resolution
  • HIPAA verified

Our Managed SIP is interoperable and tested with most PBXs. It comes with:

  • On-site SBC
  • Definitive troubleshooting
  • Auto-detecting disaster recovery for each DID & toll-free number
  • Multisite E911 portal tools
  • Multisite trunk sharing
  • MultiPBX trunk sharing capability

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Benefits of BCM One Managed SIP

Benefits of BCM One Managed SIP

With mSIP, you don’t have to worry about integrating third-party components, maintaining quality, or ensuring stability and security. BCM One manages it all for you so you can focus on your business instead of your network.

Voice QOS icon

Voice Quality of Service measured, delivered, reported

peering icon

Peering with most major carriers to keep traffic on-net

voice call stats icon

Voice call statistics in real-time on a call-by-call basis

multiple con icon

Multiple connectivity options to the premise

proactive monitoring icon

Proactive monitoring and definitive troubleshooting

hipaa icon

HIPAA verified – BAA certificate available upon request

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Disaster recovery and business continuity for inbound toll-free and DID numbers

pricing icon

Managed SIP Pricing

Standard Plans

Starting at $299 per month, includes:

  • 12 Channels
  • Monitoring Service
  • Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • Minutes & Numbers Package

Custom Plans

Looking for more? We can design custom calling packages to meet your business requirements. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

Unmatched Business Continuity

Our exclusive HyperNetwork technology provides the most
resilient, inbound phone number service in the United States. BCM One is the only provider that can move 100% of inbound DID traffic to a backup carrier with a defined SLA.

How do we deliver quality?

Managed SIP (mSIP) demanded significant investment in our network infrastructure and development of sophisticated data collection and visualization tools for measuring and reporting on call quality as well as pinpointing troubles when they arise.

  • We measure each call for QoS at multiple points
  • Direct peering with major carriers means fewer hops, better quality
  • Private MPLS core enforces QoS all the way to the PSTN
  • Call-by-call quality stats collected, monitored, reported
  • The ADTRAN can take a PRI hand-off or native SIP from the PBX

mSIP delivers confidence. Call quality is measured, reported and proven.

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