SIP Trunking Services

Save money while digitally transforming your legacy voice service. BCM One’s SIP Trunking Services expands traditional voice communications to leverage the benefits of IP for a more reliable, flexible and robust telephony platform.

Modernize your voice communications to support a diverse workforce.

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What Are SIP Trunking Services?

BCM One’s SIP Trunking Services is a cost-effective, highly-scalable solution that helps organizations simplify the management of their telephony network while unlocking the benefits of Internet-based communications.

Our SIP Trunking service provides direct routing with Microsoft Teams up to GGC High.

Save Money and Get More

Save Money and Get More

Can your legacy phone system keep up?
Do you want to offer users more?

Many business phone systems are obsolete, unable to support a hybrid workforce of on-premises and mobile employees. Even with the limitations of legacy systems, they are expensive to maintain, don’t easily scale, and offer zero disaster recovery to keep your business online.

BCM One SIP Trunking Services is all you need. Our SIP Trunking Services enable you to realize the full scalability, flexibility and cost savings of IP telephony communications. Enjoy lower-cost, consolidated and right-fit calling plans, enhanced mobility and a streamlined network without costly hardware investments.

BCM One’s SIP Trunking Services combines the standard trunk features you need from traditional analog phone systems and voice services with the reliability and redundancy of a multi-carrier, next-generation IP network. From voice and chat to video conferencing and powerful call management features, simplify and strengthen your communications platform with BCM One.

Unleash The Power of The Internet

Today’s businesses have to operate leaner than ever and they can no longer limit employees to wired connections. BCM One SIP Trunking Services gives you the ability to grow without limits, minimize costs, and empower users with modern communication and collaboration tools.


Core Features

SIP Trunking uses Session Initiation Protocol signaling and a native IP-based facility to manage all voice traffic between your IP PBX platform, MPLS-based global private network and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Experience enhanced features such as enterprise-wide calling plans, quality of service (QoS) management, and worldwide local numbers and portability provide. You get the simplicity and performance necessary to centralize multiple services while eliminating unnecessary vendors, facilities and costs.

Future-proof your business network to be able to scale and pivot to changes in growth and how people work. With SIP Trunking, you not only save money and increase your network’s flexibility, but your users have access to a wide variety of unified communications features from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of BCM One SIP Trunking Services

Benefits of BCM One SIP Trunking Services

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

SIP Trunking consolidates local lines and trunks on BCM One’s network, reducing hardware and trunk costs and eliminating multiple vendor purchasing.

Improve Continuity

Improve Continuity

Avoid costly outages with network and geographic redundancy options and pre-defined contingency routing.

Investment Protection

Investment Protection

Reuse existing legacy PBX line/trunk cards or leverage IP-PBX native SIP trunk connectivity.

Monitoring and Support

Monitoring and Support

Take advantage of our comprehensive suite of services, including 24/7 network management, proactive monitoring and deployment expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your existing phones are IP-enabled, then you can use your existing phone system. Otherwise, you will need to purchase IP-enabled phones.

You will have access to the same voice features you already have with your legacy phone, as well as video conferencing, chat, instant messaging, collaboration apps, desktop sharing and whiteboards, business analytics and more, all of which are mobile-enabled to support a hybrid workforce.

You have the ability to add the exact number of SIP channels you actually need. You will typically pay a set price per channel per month. If you need to add more channels, you just need to pay for another channel. If you need to scale back, you simply remove those channels from your network.

Yes, you can use a SIP trunk with Microsoft Teams, but Microsoft does not provide the SIP trunk. BCM One is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an expert in SIP Trunking. BCM One will provide you with SIP trunks and connect them to your existing Microsoft Teams licenses. BCM One Voice Enabled Teams integrates SIP with Microsoft Teams to maximize your network’s flexibility and connectivity to give you enterprise-level voice communications with all of the collaboration features you enjoy from Microsoft Teams.