Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

BCM One Group Holdings, Inc. (BCM One) is committed to advancing ESG principles in all  aspects of our business for the benefit of our team members, customers, investors and  communities. We regularly revisit and update our ESG Policy to ensure it evolves with changes in our industry regulations and social practices. 

Guiding Principles 

  • Wellness and Safety: Ensure proper labor and working conditions to safeguard the health and safety of BCM One team members. 
  • Inclusivity: Encourage a culture of meritocracy, fairness, inclusivity and transparency. 
  • Trust and Responsibility: Promote candor, integrity, fairness, empathy and respect in all of our business practices. 
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity: Protect the privacy of our clients, team members and corporate  information, through our technology policies. 
  • Transparency: Provide stakeholders with well-defined and transparent information regarding ESG risks. 
  • Protecting Our Planet: Promote awareness and continuously improve the environmental  responsibility and energy efficiency in our team and practices. 
  • Social and Community Empowerment: Promote the development of our team and our  communities. We focus on job training and opportunity, access to professional development, protecting our health and environment, and improving the communities in which we live and  work. 

Broad Accountability 

At BCM One, we foster ESG understanding and accountability throughout the organization. Our executive management team and department heads are responsible for managing and  instilling the guiding principles of our ESG policy across our branches of operations. The  Human Resources department provides compliance reviews as well as oversight to ensure team members at BCM One adhere to the ESG policy. 


We incorporate ESG analysis into our budgeting and business practices to limit stakeholder  risks and position BCM One for sustainable growth and success. Annually our subject matter  experts (Technology leaders and external information system/security auditors) conduct an in depth review of BCM One’s technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy practices. Additionally,  we engage law firms and consulting firms to assess potential ESG risks and opportunities. All material findings are communicated to our stakeholders. We ensure ESG measures are maintained through regular conversations and documented check-ins with our BCM One management and leadership, as well as board oversight during quarterly meetings.