The Benefit of Cloud Optimization Services

Empower yourself to understand cloud usage across your organization. Cloud solutions can provide significant savings over on-premises investments, if managed effectively. However, a lack of insight into cloud usage can make this difficult. BCM One can help you manage your cloud spend and usage—finding where you can save significantly without sacrificing availability or level of service.

BCM One's Approach to Cloud Optimization

Most organizations struggle with the lack of transparency surrounding cloud usage and invoicing. They receive little to no support from their cloud vendor to understand bills and cloud usage. This can often lead to hours of required manual manipulating to understand your invoices. BCM One has taken our Sophia™ Technology Expense Optimization tool into the cloud, offering you Cloud Optimization. This managed cloud solution helps you understand cloud expenses and utilization, while providing access to a team of engineers, accountants, and managers who can help you navigate your cloud usage.

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Custom Reporting

BCM One offers a customized approach with reports tailored around your business needs. Most default vendor reports are based on one size fits all. Cloud Optimization breaks the limitations of cookie-cutter reports by allowing you to customize reports into a format that fits your business needs.

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Cloud Expert Guidance

Most cloud vendor portals will allow detailed downloads of raw usage data, which are difficult to make sense of, even for industry experts. BCM One will be with you, by your side, to help you understand your cloud spend and make recommendations on how you can leverage the cloud to grow your business.

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Real-Time Usage

Consumption is updated nightly so you always know where your cloud spending stands on any given day. Additionally, usage data is broken down into easily sorted categories, business units, or projects.

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