Microsoft Office 365

Based in New York, Office 365 Microsoft Partner BCM One offers Office 365 capabilities. Microsoft Office 365 empowers productivity and collaboration among teams within an organization catering to small, medium and large organizations. BCM One can customize your solution to match your exact needs. The capabilities and features can be overwhelming. As an Office 365 partner, BCM One can help you navigate the complexities of Microsoft Office 365 project management. As your trusted advisor, we ensure you choose the correct license that is appropriate for you and most importantly we help to effectively migrate and deploy Microsoft Office 365 across your business. We project manage the deployment every step of the way. We then train your employees, onsite or virtually, on all of the capabilities to secure your investment and ensure you are leveraging the robust features to the fullest. In addition, we offer ongoing technical support.

Modernize Your Business

Work easier, from anywhere. Wherever your people are, online or offline, they can securely get to—and work with—the most up-to-date versions of the files and productivity tools they need to get things done. And they’ll get consistent access and optimized experiences across devices.


Work better together. Office 365 includes business class email, shared calendars, IM, web conferencing, team sites, file storage in the cloud and private social networking. Business users can easily and securely work with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers real-time, from virtually any device.

Optimize End-User Experience

The key to securing and getting an ROI on your Microsoft Office 365 investment, is ensuring it is efficiently and effectively deployed or migrated across and to your organization. Many businesses purchase licenses, but do not efficiently deploy the license and have their employees properly trained. The result – few capabilities are used by employees, hence the solution not being fully optimized. If you develop a complete plan, migrate and training process to deploy Microsoft Office 365, you optimize user experience. Many of our clients see the migration to Office 365 as a unique opportunity to dramatically improve their operations and their users’ experience. BCM One will design a migration plan custom designed to achieve your vision.

Businesses of all Shapes and Sizes

The beauty of Microsoft Office 365 is that it caters to all shapes and sizes. Small, to medium or large enterprises. Office 365 Microsoft PartnerBCM One has experience in deploying over 500 licenses or completing smaller-based migrations with less than 50 users. We have various migration package as well to suite your needs — larger custom migrations that may include integration of services with data and voice, to Pilot Migrations to a FastTrack migration for those companies looking to do a speedy move. We help walk you through migrating to Microsoft Office 365 from another system or to get the ground running with a new deployment.

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