Unified Communications vs. VoIP: Which Is Best?
The Dilemma: Unified Communications or VoIP? Whether by expansion or contraction, most businesses need to assess their telecommunications needs at a certain point, ideally on a somewhat regular basis. What worked ten years ago may no longer fit your business needs or the needs of your employees. You may be getting different opinions, particularly around unified communications versus VoIP. It can be challenging to know what to do. We have…
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Why Technology Expense Management (TEM) Outsourcing Isn’t Enough
Why is Technology Expense Management So Hard? As a telecom manager or billing analyst, you likely understand the headache of trying to manage all of the invoices that come in every month. Depending on the size of your business and the extent of your network, you could have hundreds of invoices piling up on a regular basis. There simply aren’t enough man hours to go through each invoice and make…
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What Goes into an SD-WAN Implementation Plan?
It’s All About Connectivity The majority of businesses today, large and small, rely on reliable network connectivity to keep operations running. In fact, a 2018 TechTarget survey found 44% of respondents are prioritizing upgrading their networks within a year. This can be a challenge given how dispersed today’s workforce is. Companies can have multiple national and global locations, as well as remote workers on the network. Add to that the…
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What to look for in SD-WAN
What Is SD-WAN? SD-WAN, or “software-defined wide-area network” is a virtual WAN that uses software to control connectivity, management and services between centralized data centers and disparate, remote locations or cloud applications. This has become of significant value as companies are increasingly more distributed and workers are relying more and more on cloud-based applications and tools to execute their work. The market valuation for SD-WAN is expected to surpass $30…
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Technology Checklist for Office Moves
Your company is growing! You’re moving from a co-working space into your own office. Or maybe you’re expanding and need a bigger space, or a new location. There are a million details you need to take care of (more…)
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Smart Technology Strategies for Cost-Conscious Nonprofits
If you’re a nonprofit, you want as much of your budget as possible to go to your core mission. Investing in a solid IT foundation can help you deliver on that mission by enabling you to draw attention to your cause, connect with your community, recruit volunteers, and facilitate fundraising. But technology—from your communications infrastructure to the applications and services you use—can be complex and expensive. Here are five smart…
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