Quarterly Reviews That Deliver

Quarterly Reviews That Deliver

Technology changes fast. That’s why at BCM One we hold quarterly reviews with every single one of our clients to help them stay on top of their technology investment and ensure it continues to meet business needs today and in the future. If you’re a BCM One client, here’s what you can expect.

Components of a Thorough Quarterly Review

The centerpiece of the quarterly review is, not surprisingly, a review of all the key components to your technology solution with a focus on ensuring that all is as it should be.

We start with your quarterly spend. We review the bills for all your services for accuracy. If there have been changes to your inventory, we’ll confirm the invoices line up. (You don’t want to pay for disconnected services, right?)

We also take a look at all the trouble tickets from the previous quarter, including how we were engaged, who opened each ticket, the reason for the outage, and other details. We look for any common themes or chronic problems that should be addressed or opportunities to do better.

Business continuity is critical, so we also look at the current disaster recovery/failover plan. We want to confirm it’s up-to-date and fully documented so all parties are clear on what do to in the event of a disruption (and then we do everything in our power to avoid ever having to put the plan into action).

We review all your contracts to identify renewals coming up, changes in usage, or any other factors that require action so you’re prepared and never caught by surprise.

And finally, we make any necessary updates to the list of contacts, including escalation contacts, so everyone who needs to be in the know will be in the know.

It’s Not Just About Looking Back—We Look Ahead, Too

In addition to the above items, we also use the quarterly review as an opportunity for education and planning. The BCM One team always brings several broader topics to the table to arm clients with the latest information and best practices. Are there new products or technologies you should be aware of? Is there buzz around an issue you may have questions about? Are there evolving trends you need to plan for? Most importantly, these themes will always tie into your specific business requirements and technology solution.

Preparing for the Quarterly Review

The prep work is really all on us; however, there are few things worth bringing to our attention before the quarterly review so we can address them as needed. If there are any changes within your organization—whether that be people, roles and responsibilities, technology, business requirements, or anything else—let us know so we can factor that in. Even if it’s just an outstanding invoice or two that you’re not sure about, let us know and we’ll clarify it. And of course, we love to hear your feedback on how we’re doing so we can fix any issues and build on what’s working well.

Setting You Up for Success

A lot of vendors and carriers talk about partnership. But when it comes right down to it, they’re really only focused on the small sliver they provide. At BCM One, we know you care about the whole thing. And that’s why our quarterly reviews are designed to look at the complete picture, and to ensure the overall solution is still meeting your business needs even as they evolve.

Contact us to learn how BCM One—and our quarterly reviews—can help you build a total technology solution to address your business requirements.

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