When Growth Sneaks up on You

When Growth Sneaks up on You

You’ve been going along, taking care of business as it comes up. And there’s nothing wrong with the way you’ve been doing it. But then you have a moment of realization. You’ve reached a certain scale, and as you look around to all those as-they-came-ups, it’s all a bit of a mess. If you had known this would be the point you’d get to, maybe you would have done things a little differently. As it is, you need a new approach—and you need to “fix” what you already have.

A coffee chain found itself in this boat. They had been adding new locations as if each one was a one-off. Which, at first, they were. But by the time you’ve got 15 stores, you’ve gotta start thinking in scale. They brought in BCM One to help steer them in the right direction. It’s no biggie to us—we do this all the time. We helped them rationalize their existing operations, and then built a network design that lets them roll out a new location cookie-cutter-style—quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Read the full case study.

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