Your Cloud Budget Is Your New Phone Bill: Here’s How to Manage It

Your Cloud Budget Is Your New Phone Bill: Here’s How to Manage It

For many organizations, their cloud budget has become their new phone bill. Your organization needs cloud services, but you have finite resources and don’t want to spend any more than you have to, and you certainly don’t want to go over budget. At the same time, you don’t want to nickel and dime your organization out of optimal services. Adding to the difficulty is the complex nature of understanding a cloud services invoice. You generally have a choice between a summary bill, without a great deal of clarity regarding what you’re paying for, or a data dump of detailed usage information.  Even the cloud provider themselves can’t seem to explain their cloud bills.   Enter BCM One’s Cloud Optimization solution, built off our proprietary technology expense optimization platform called Sophia. Our solution helps bring clarity to your cloud spend and empowers you to be more efficient and intelligent with your cloud usage.

How Your Organization Might be Overspending on Cloud Services

Your organization might have cloud servers running 24 hours a day at great expense when they simply don’t need to be.  What’s more, are your applications configured correctly for cloud readiness?  We can help you re-engineer your applications appropriately, and possibly decrease the need for more licensing and large, expensive virtual machines that you “thought” you would need.   Your servers might run at 10 percent capacity when they shouldn’t be running at all.  Oversizing cloud resources is common when migrating to the cloud, often without you even knowing about it. BCM One’s Cloud Optimization service can step in, help find inefficient cloud spends and enable you to quickly and easily begin saving significant money every month.

Half of the battle is effectively monitoring your cloud spend.  A common problem involves you paying big money up front for a bundle of cloud and server solutions, but not hearing anything more until you’ve gone over — way over. BCM One’s Cloud Optimization solution allows for daily monitoring, analysis and alerts of your cloud spend. You won’t have to wait for a retrospective bill to know how much you’re spending on cloud services and you’ll have time to take action.

Cloud solutions can provide significant savings over on-premises investments, if managed effectively. However, cloud solutions come with greater responsibility to intelligently manage your usage.  BCM One can help you manage your cloud spend and usage — finding where you can save significantly without sacrificing availability or level of service.

BCM One’s Supplier Funded Model with Microsoft Azure

The added benefit of working with BCM One is our direct partnership with Microsoft.  When you partner with BCM One, we can possibly help you save money on our Cloud Optimization solution with special incentives that Microsoft offers us.

Talk to a BCM One representative today about how we can score you some savings on your cloud spend!  We can empower you to get more intelligent on your overall cloud usage and get smarter about your cloud spend.

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