Unified Collaboration

Collaboration and communications is critical to any business. Efficiently communicating with customers, vendors and partners determines the success of any business more than anything else. Add in the rapidly changing demands of multiple communications channels on multiple devices adds another challenging layer that businesses face. How do organizations stay on top of the need to instantly communicate with customers, employees and partners while maintaining costs and the various technologies they need to effectively manage? Unified Collaboration.


Unified Collaboration unifies the different ways to communicate to people – voice, email, video conferencing, audio conferencing, fax, instant messaging, web collaboration – all delivered through one single cloud user-interface platform.

BCM One’s hosted voice or hosted PBX solution called InPacket™ is a complete unified communications solution taking your hosted PBX and phone functionality to another level. This service is typically offered via BCM One’s intelligent network and broadband connectivity, however we also offer the flexibility of leveraging your existing broadband connectivity – our BYOB option (Bring your Own Broadband). InPacket fully integrates with Microsoft Office 365. If down the road you want to migrate your voice to Skype for Business: BCM One provides a migration path.

Connect your business with Skype for Business (part of Microsoft Office 365) using the reliable and high performing Microsoft application that everyone has relied on for years, but at an enterprise and executive level. Skype for Business can simplify an organization’s infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, chat and sharing. Replace your telephone system with Skype for Business and empower your business with a whole new suite of collaboration services.

Hybrid UC Solution

Our hybrid unified communications solution is a combination of a traditional on-premises based voice system and a hosted or cloud-based voice solution OR we can go a step further and develop an integrated solution combining our InPacket hosted voice solution and our Skype for Business. Hybrid solutions are ideally suited for those businesses with existing on-premises voice solutions that want to modernize their business but still leverage their existing voice investment.

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