BCM One & Thompson Street Capital Partners Transaction

What are the benefits of this transaction to me as a client or partner?

This transaction will allow BCM One to invest more in various key areas of the business, including, but not limited to, our product portfolio, internal processes and back-office support. It will enable BCM One to reach our next level of growth as a premiere managed solutions provider.

Who is Thompson Street Capital Partners?

Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP) is a St. Louis-based private equity firm focused on investing in founder-led middle market businesses. TSCP partners with management teams to increase value by accelerating growth, both organically and via complementary acquisitions.

Will the company name change?

No, there will be no change in the company name. We will remain BCM One.

What role will the current leadership and founders of the company play?

The two principal leaders of the company – Frank Ahearn and John Cunningham will serve as board members of BCM One and will remain key contributors to the strategy of the business. Jay Monaghan, former Partner & President of BCM One, will serve an observatory role to the BCM One Board of Directors.

Geoff Bloss, who was previously the Chief Operating Officer with a tenure of 7 years at BCM One, is appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. All other leadership roles will remain the same.

How will this change the services we received from BCM One?

Your services with BCM One, and the technical support you receive, will not change. In fact, the recapitalization of BCM One may allow us to improve our product portfolio and back office support.

Will there be any staffing changes that might affect our services?

There will be no staffing changes at the current time, and most certainly your services will not be affected by this transaction.

Will pricing and the products offered change?

BCM One’s services and pricing will remain the same. In fact, with the recapitalization of BCM One, we will most likely add more next generation products and solutions to our portfolio.

Will my contract terms still be in effect “as is”?

Yes, all current signed client contracts will stay the same.

Will my bill/invoice change?

No. You will still receive your bill/invoice from BCM One in the same manner as you do now.

If I am a BCM One SIP client, how will the acquisition of SIP.US/SipTrunk.com (“SIP”) affect my service?

You will continue to receive the same services from BCM One as you do today. As we integrate the offerings of the business together, your account manager will review with you the potential benefits of migrating your services to the SIP.US platform.

Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?

Please go through the normal procedures of escalating any trouble tickets, accounting issue or service issue. Please use your existing contacts.

Channel Specific Question: What are the benefits of this transaction to me as a channel partner?

This transaction will enable BCM One to enhance our internal systems, channel partner strategy and program due to the increased investment that BCM One will receive. We intend to reach the next level of growth, which in turn, will benefit you as a channel partner with enhanced tools, processes, support and product/solution portfolios.

Channel Specific Question: Will my contract terms still be in effect “as is”?

Yes, all current signed channel partner agreements will stay the same.

Supplier Specific Question: How will the changes in ownership effect my relationship with BCM One and contract with BCM One?

Our contracts and relationships with our suppliers will remain the same. In fact, we are hoping to enhance our overall supplier sales and partnerships in the future as a result of this transaction and change in strategy.