A Doggone Great Solution

A Doggone Great Solution

Once upon a time, there was an IT director who was completely overwhelmed. We know you can relate. In this case, his was working for a national veterinary hospital which was expanding at a rabbit-like pace—acquiring two to four clinics every month! And did we mention that the voice and internet solutions in the acquisitions were mostly set up by the local doctor or office manager who had no IT experience? So, it’s no surprise they were falling behind in turning up new locations. The poor guy just couldn’t keep up!

Fortunately, he was able to bring on an IT director’s best friend and faithful companion: BCM One. We developed a streamlined solution and a templatized design; we take care of all the wiring, installation, setup, and training; and we help them better manage their overall technology spend. Who’s a good boy? Read the full case study.

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