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Technology invoices aren’t like other bills. Technology solutions, and their billing terms, are often complex. Validating that you received the product/service invoiced can be difficult, especially for accounting personnel who may not have deep technical knowledge.

The time-consuming nature of checking technology invoices today makes it a real challenge to sufficiently vet them, but still pay them on time. You want assurance that you’re being billed correctly, but you could risk paying late fees and interest charges, service disruption and erosion of goodwill between you and your suppliers.

Technology Expense Management vs. Technology Expense Optimization

Technology Expense Management (TEM) was developed to minimize this expensive and repetitive drudge work. TEM also makes finding inaccuracies in invoices – some of which are thousands of pages long — much easier than in the past. You may suspect that there are inaccuracies within an invoice that’s one thousand pages long, but with less than 30 days to check the invoice, identify the issues, open billing disputes and get the invoice approved and paid, it’s virtually impossible to do anything about it the old-fashioned way. TEM automates that effort, enabling you to work smarter and process your invoices accurately, confidently and timely.

Technology Expense Optimization (TEO) with BCM One, powered by our proprietary Sophia™ tool, is a first-of-its-kind managed TEO solution that unlocks all of the benefits that TEM alone cannot deliver.

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Sophia from BCM One is Different

While Technology Expense Management (TEM) solutions can help automate parts of the process, there’s a more powerful option, Sophia. Sophia doesn’t just manage technology expenses, but it goes a step further and optimizes them. Sophia provides the capabilities of a traditional TEM tool, plus additional functionality to help you resolve, not just identify problems and find opportunities to lower your technology costs.

We have helped our clients save up to 20% on annual technology spend within the first year of working with us. We’re so confident, we guarantee you’ll save more money on technology bills than you spend on Sophia, or we’ll refund the difference.

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What Sets Sophia Technology Expense Optimization Apart
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Dynamic Inventory Management

An inventory of enterprise-wide technology services, by its very nature, is stale the moment it is entered into a database. Sophia automatically updates inventory every time an invoice is received and exceptions are resolved, ensuring your centralized database of services is always current.

Service Level Invoice Auditing

Before a technology invoice even appears in Sophia for your review, it has been run up against dozens of automatic audit checks in the background to identify any billing inconsistencies. Sophia matches billing data to service inventory data, performing a line by line comparison.

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Embedded Exception Resolution Tools

Sophia doesn’t just identify billing issues, it provides the tools to research and fix them with just a few clicks. From invoice detail and billing history, to billing dispute entry, tracking and invoice exception clearing tools, Sophia offers a comprehensive solution.

Automated Multi-Level Invoice Allocation

Sophia is the only tool that gives you the option of allocating technology invoices at the header level, the sub-account level or the service number level. You won’t need to re-allocate invoices every month since Sophia stores and automatically inherits allocations from month to month.

Proactive Contracts Management

Sophia cues up proactive email notifications to your team when contract milestones requiring action are approaching. These alerts help avoid inadvertent auto-renews, tariff rate conversions and extensions of off-market contracts. The BCM One pricing team can get competitive quotes for your review. If you decide to order new services or change suppliers, BCM One can handle that transition for you.

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Custom Workflow Integration

We mold our tool and TEO process to each client based upon how they work and where the processed invoice data will go when it leaves our Sophia tool. We’ve integrated Sophia data into most leading accounting packages, vendor management applications, ERP tools and client provided upload files. Our goal is to seamlessly fit into your workflows in place today.

Technology Expense Optimization from BCM One

“It’s a great tool for any large size company. It’s easy to navigate through the portal and can quickly pull all technical inventory for all the sites.” Manny Ortiz – Straightline Communications.

Using Sophia, one luxury fashion retailer saved $3 million over the life of a new contract with no supplier change, service disruption or transition costs. Learn more.

“I’ve had an excellent experience using BCM One’s Sophia portal and TEM services. We get a handle on overall telecom expenses, and most importantly, cost savings.” Wendall Thomas – Safe Horizons

Leveraging our proprietary technology expense optimization tool BCM One helped a premier media firm resolve a multimillion dollar technology contract dispute.  Learn more.

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