TEO: Why It's the Modern Technology Expense Management Solution

Technology invoices aren’t like other bills. Technology solutions, and their billing terms, are often complex. Validating that you received the product/service invoiced can be difficult, especially for accounting personnel who may not have deep technical knowledge. While technology expense management (TEM) solutions can help automate parts of the process, there’s a more powerful option, Sophia. Sophia doesn’t just manage technology expenses, but it goes a step further and optimizes them. Sophia provides the capabilities of a traditional TEM tool, plus additional functionality to help you resolve, not just identify problems and find opportunities to lower your technology costs.

BCM One's Sophia™

Where most companies focus on technology expense management (TEM), BCM One’s approach is one of technology expense optimization (TEO). We have developed an automated process through our proprietary tool called Sophia to manage and optimize technology spend—saving you time and money. We have helped our clients save up to 20% on annual technology spend within the first year of working with us.

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Sophia outperforms our competitors with:
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Dynamic Inventory Management

Keep your inventory of technology services up to date enterprise-wide. Dynamic inventory management allows real-time transparency into your services and vendors so there are no surprises for your organization.

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Direct Pricing Visibility

Leverage BCM One’s direct pricing visibility into 55+ technology suppliers and 5,000+ clients to get the best technology available at the most competitive rates and on the most attractive terms.

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Custom Workflow Integration

Sophia fits perfectly within your existing systems and processes so you can modernize your technology infrastructure without starting from scratch.

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