SD-WAN: The Ideal Solution to Manage Bandwidth Efficiently Across Your Company

Given the popularity of streaming video, the widespread use of cloud applications, and the explosion in AI and big data, businesses of all types have seen their bandwidth needs explode. Right now, all of your traffic probably utilizes one high-cost link and one backup. All traffic going to one destination takes the same path, regardless of what kind of traffic it is. Software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) however, offer a solution to organizations of all sizes suffering from lagging Internet blues.

Whether you want an SD-WAN provider, or you want to manage it yourself, we can put all the components together for you. BCM One guides our clients through the planning and design stages. We’re also right there through the deployment and management phases. We can create a full solution for your organization, from finding an SD-WAN provider to setting up new circuits to managing payment for all these new services.

Why SD-WAN is Better

The modern business has far higher bandwidth requirements than it did even a few years ago thanks to hungry applications like video conferencing. New bandwidth requirements have made costs skyrocket. Now the old topologies are especially unattractive, but many organizations are unaware that there are better cheaper alternatives.

Gartner Incorporated, the world’s leading IT research company, estimates that by 2023, 30% of all enterprises will use SD-WAN technology. This is because SD-WAN offers a lower total cost of ownership, more efficient use of bandwidth, more availability, carrier agnosticism, increased security, application visibility and control, and unparalleled flexibility. Businesses now have a choice beyond just MPLS with a VPN backup.

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BCM One Delivers Fully Managed SD-WAN

The benefit of purchasing SD-WAN with BCM One instead of working directly with an SD-WAN provider, or a carrier offering SD-WAN include:

BCM One manages the various connectivity circuits and carriers that make up your SD-WAN solution. Based on our rich telecom history and relationships with various carriers globally, this is our niche and our point of strength. Carrier management can be a burden for businesses. Lean on BCM One to manage this for you. No headache of dealing with multiple carrier invoices.

BCM One’s network engineering expertise. Our engineers incorporate the best connectivity options, across your network, to support your specific business and technical requirements. Our engineers ensure your SD-WAN solution is deployed effectively and securely.

BCM One provides extra insurance for optimal network performance 24×7. We incorporate our existing networking monitoring tool, VitalView™, into your SD-WAN solution providing 24×7 monitoring, enabling us to take preventive measures.

Overall, BCM One offers a streamlined, custom approach to SD-WAN with ONE company to manage your SD-WAN and oversee carrier management.

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The Benefits of SD-WAN with BCM One
Transport and Carrier Agnosticism

Businesses can now choose any transport from any provider on a per-location basis. This allows businesses to acquire more bandwidth for a lower cost, getting best-of-breed services for each location.

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Intelligent Path Control

Application flows are steered through the best available path at any moment in time. This provides a great application experience for end-users.

Application Visibility and Optimization

SD-WAN offers administrators the ability to monitor and report on hundreds of applications running on the network. They control individual application flows independently, creating policies that optimize every application.

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Secure Connectivity

Data in motion, as well as data at rest, should be secure. SD-WAN uses the latest encryption technologies on overlay tunnels. There are SD-WAN options to add-in firewall functions like zone-based firewalls, next-generation firewall features, and service chaining.

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Centralized Management

SD-WAN makes setting up new locations as easy as plug and play. All devices are controlled from a single portal, no matter how many locations you have. If your router has any problems, setting up a new one is easy as setting up the old one.


For optimal network performance 24×7, BCM One incorporates our proactive monitoring tool, called VitalView, into your SD-WAN solution.

How BCM One Fits into the SD-WAN Market

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