Technology Solutions for Retail

Retail technology solutions that scale within your budget. BCM One customizes solutions for regional stores & nationwide chains. How do you deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience without margin-busting IT budgets? How do you scale your technology infrastructure to support geographic expansion? And how do you connect your headquarters, back-office, and front-of-store operations to take advantage of digital signage, real-time analytics, and other trends to increase traffic and sales? By partnering with a trusted technology advisor and provider like BCM One.


Whether you have a few regional stores or a chain of locations nationwide, BCM One offers a wide range of solutions to keep you connected—to your customers and your operations—through all your high-tech and high-touch interactions and transactions. We will ensure your customers’ experiences across all touch points, online or in stores, are reliable, secure and seamless.

Client Case Studies

BCM One handles all things data and voice, so a dance apparel company’s small team can focus on the retail side of operations.

BCM One designed a unique managed MPLS service to provide a popular apparel retailer with the right balance of support and control.

BCM One helped an international modern furnishings retailer save 50% on its MPLS network.

BCM One consolidated and engineered a resilient, redundant communications network to help a fashion retailer deliver a high-end customer experience.

BCM One provided a retail chain of jewelry stores with a simplified, cost-efficient, and next-generation approach to managing telecom solutions.

BCM One’s Sophia tool helps retailers, including a luxury fashion retailer, get more from their technology suppliers, contracts, and spend.



Connectivity Solutions

Enterprise grade connectivity options ensuring high-speed Internet supporting your infrastructure to keep your customers happy with a quality shopping experience. We offer various solutions including DIA, Fiber, WAN, SD WAN, MPLS, and more, for a powerful and sustainable network infrastructure.


Unified Collaboration

Customer service is critical to your business which is based on a strong communications and voice platform. BCM One offers a broad range of unified collaboration solutions including SIP Trunking, hosted VoIP and hybrid UC services.


Cloud Solutions

With the immense increase in online shopping, adopting cloud solutions is more important than ever to gain greater scalability allowing for applications to be delivered exactly where and when you need them. BCM One offers public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as a cloud optimization service.


Call Center Solutions

Providing an exceptional customer experience relies on a robust call center solution that will provide customer information and engagement data so you can clearly understand the intent of the customer when they are interacting with you. BCM One provides solutions for call centers of any size and scale.


Security Solutions

Develop a clear security roadmap to protect your customers’ data while they browse your online store, ensure they have a secure payment experience online or in your stores and protect your organization against cyber threats. BCM One offers PCI-certified managed security services to secure your network and proactively detect and respond to cyber threats.


Technology Expense Optimization

Get more efficient and intelligent with paying and analyzing your technology spend across all of your stores. 150 stores equals 150 invoices per month per technology solution. Our Sophia™ tool can help. Sophia manages and optimizes technology spend. On average, we have helped save clients up to 20% on their technology spend. Sophia is not a technology expense management tool, but rather a optimization tool – a step further than just TEM.

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