Technology Expense Optimization

Corporate telecom infrastructures are often drained by runaway telecom spend, undetected waste, inaccurate billings and invoice processing burdens. Companies turn to technology expense management (TEM) tools for help, but most simply process invoices. BCM One has the solution: technology expense optimization vs. TEM. By combining the right people, a forensic accountant, software developer and technology analysts, a highly effective approach and an empowering proprietary tool, we create optimization opportunities for our clients.


BCM One has developed an automated process through our proprietary tool called Sophia™ to manage and optimize technology spend, saving you time and saving you money. We have helped our clients save up to 20% of annual technology spend within the first year of working with us.

Questions to Ask

How much do you spend on technology and telecom services monthly? Are your current services right-sized for your requirements? Do your suppliers offer the best services at the best price? Are you incurring late fees? What are your contractual commitments to each supplier? How much does manual invoice processing cost you in time and money? Are you sure your invoices are accurate? How are you tracking cost center spend?

Our Approach

Where BCM One separates itself from the pack of TEM providers is providing optimization vs. just management of technology expenses. We differ primarily in 6 key areas — dynamic inventory management, service level invoice auditing, embedded exception resolution tools, automated multi-level invoice allocation, proactive contracts management and custom workflow integration. Lastly, based on our deep roots in the telecom industry, we have close relationships with over 50 technology suppliers and carriers which gives us supplier pricing visibility and order flow insight to help with contract negotiations.


Audit, optimization and paperless bill processing. Enterprise visibility of services and spend. Inventory line items for greater accuracy and cost control. Correction of underperforming deployments. Reduction of operating and capital expenses. Expense accountability. Measurable return on investment with technology savings of up to 20% of annual spend within the first year.


View our Sophia/Technology Expense Optimization Video here.

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