Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization. The Wisdom of Knowing. Empower yourself to understand cloud usage across your organization. BCM One has taken our Sophia Technology Expense Optimization tool into the cloud, offering you Cloud Optimization. This managed cloud offering helps you understand cloud expenses and utilization. Our solution supports Microsoft Azure and AWS.


  • Understand cloud usage across your infrastructure. Simplified, custom reports built around your business needs.
  • Control your cloud spend. Consumption is updated nightly so you always know what your spending with regards to your cloud solutions.
  • Making sense of your cloud bills — usage data is broken down into easily sorted categories, business units, or projects.

Resolves Common Issues

  • Invoices from cloud providers that do not offer insight as to where the expense is coming from.
  • Surprise bills exceeding 150% of your EA commitment.
  • Little or no support from your cloud vendor to understand your bill and cloud usage.
  • Data usage downloads that require hours of manual manipulating to understand your invoices.


  • BCM One offers a customized approach with custom reports tailored around your business needs. Most default vendor reports are based on one size fits all.
  • Cloud experts by your side to help you understand your cloud spend. Most cloud vendors only provide portals will with detailed downloads of raw usage data which could take you hours and days to make sense of.

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