Cloud Solutions

Communications via multiple devices, applications and delivery mechanisms has forced every business to deploy a cloud strategy for their business. Every business in today’s data-heavy driven environment and instant communication era is faced with the decision to deploy cloud based solutions to support your growing network infrastructure, growing data streaming across your infrastructure and to stay competitive and modernize your business. Modernizing your business empowers collaboration, a key attribute to productivity.


BCM One offers public cloud solutions which are multi-tenant solutions or shared solutions, private cloud solutions – a single or dedicated tenant or client and hybrid solutions – a mix of the two.

BCM One’s Public Cloud Solutions offer businesses quick and flexible access to services including storage, backup and infrastructure services. Since public cloud services are shared with many customers, it’s cost efficient since you only pay for the services needed, when you need it. We support various platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack Public Cloud, Cisco, VMware, Fortinet, NetApp and Citrix.

BCM One’s Private Cloud solutions offers higher levels of security since it is a dedicated solution and not shared.  It is often better suited for specific businesses that need to follow specific governmental regulations such as PCI and HIPPA compliant.  There are various types of services that fall under our private cloud solution including DRaaS, IaaS and DaaS.

For those organizations that wish to customize a cloud solution to benefit from both a cost-efficient model with feature-rich capabilities, coupled with a more secure and dedicated environment, a hybrid cloud solution may be the best alternate setup.

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