Plan. Design. Deploy. Manage.

Network Assessment

What we are NOT is a vendor, product or service. We are a partner to you.


From our initial questions as we conduct a network assessment to truly understand your business and goals, to the planning, design, deployment and support of your solution, we work tirelessly to put together custom, best-in-class, tested solutions from the universe of available options. We leverage our expertise, our experience and our decades-long industry relationships on your behalf. And because we’re “product-agnostic,” the only thing we ever sell is the absolutely best fit for your organization.



We work with your team to uncover where you are today in your technology environment. We analyze the technologies that you are using today and if they are effective and scalable, then we’ll review your future technology needs to ensure they meet your future business plans and goals. Our goal is to work with you to develop a roadmap from present day to your future state and ensure your network and communications infrastructure can support your business in the most effective and efficient way.


Based on a network assessment using discovery and analysis of your network infrastructure and business needs, our certified engineers will design a customized solution based on the best technology suited for your business. We are your advocate and based on relationships with 50+ technology partners, we choose the solutions that are best suited to support your needs. Discussion with options will take place and typically a Visio is developed to illustrate the network design we recommend.


Our project management team will deploy the network design/solution that we develop. Our professional team will manage the installation and testing every step of the way, leveraging our industry relationships with various service providers to push each stage to completion based on deadlines set.


Once your solution is successfully deployed, BCM One’s operations and support team, based out of our Network Operations Center (NOC), manages your solution to ensure it is running at optimal levels 24/7/365. We proactively monitor and manage your solution to ensure your network and communications infrastructure are healthy and high performing. If we see an issue, we resolve it before you will even know there’s a problem.

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