Want Microsoft Teams Phone System Direct Routing? Here’s How.
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Voice for Teams: The Solution for Zoom Woes?
Zoom Plagued by Security Issues Zoom has become synonymous with COVID-19. From Kindergarteners to seniors, schools and churches to businesses and virtual happy hours, we’ve all become accustomed to using the Zoom video conferencing app to connect with each other. Zoom has been around since 2013 and steadily grew a fan base nearly 10 million strong, but the pandemic skyrocketed it from relative obscurity into a household name. Today, hundreds…
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Giving Microsoft Teams a Voice
 Microsoft Teams, the unified communication and collaboration platform that’s integrated with Office 365, is seeing massive adoption rates. In March of this year, there were 44 million daily active users. That number jumped 70% to 75 million daily active users the very next month. And a report in June found that Teams usage growth has surpassed that of Zoom, the original poster child for video conferencing in the work-from-home…
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What Goes into an SD-WAN Implementation Plan?
It’s All About Connectivity The majority of businesses today, large and small, rely on reliable network connectivity to keep operations running. In fact, a 2018 TechTarget survey found 44% of respondents are prioritizing upgrading their networks within a year. This can be a challenge given how dispersed today’s workforce is. Companies can have multiple national and global locations, as well as remote workers on the network. Add to that the…
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