Creating Value for Your Channel Business
When you’re running a business in the channel, you’re working hard every single day to build strong partnerships with vendors and valuable relationships with clients. Undoubtedly, you want to grow your business. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that you don’t have a moment to pause, take a breath, and think about your strategy and direction. BCM One’s Andy Steinke has spent the last decade…
The 5 Business Benefits of Having a Software-Defined Wide Area Network
What Is a Software-Defined Wide Area Network? An SD-WAN is a technology used to configure and implement a business's WAN (Wide Area Network). It efficiently optimizes network traffic. Its flexibility offers businesses a solution to slow network traffic.  One of the main characteristics that set SD-WAN apart is that it supports various connections. You can use SD-WAN if you have any of the following connection types: Long-Term Evolution or LTE…
What Is Software-Defined Wide Area Network Technology (SD-WAN)?
A Gartner report indicated that 40% of infrastructure will utilize SD-WAN systems by the year 2018. SD-WAN is an increasingly popular wide area network technology option. It provides numerous benefits and is easy to integrate into existing systems.  The Transition from WAN to SD-WAN Traditional WAN design is based on multiple devices stacked in the branch office with siloed management and various WAN links connecting them. With a bunch of…
Technology Checklist for Office Moves
Your company is growing! You’re moving from a co-working space into your own office. Or maybe you’re expanding and need a bigger space, or a new location. There are a million details you need to take care of (more…)
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