How to Do More With Less: MPLS Edition

How to Do More With Less: MPLS Edition

Imagine you’re a retailer spending a lot of money on your MPLS network. Spending so much, in fact, that pretty much your entire infrastructure budget goes to said network. You want to do so much more—like backup systems, upgraded software, and hosted VoIP. Is it possible that enough savings could be squeezed out of that network spend to fund these other initiatives? Without sacrificing quality or coverage? While at the same time supporting expansion to another 20 locations?

In short, yes.

The company brought in BCM One to do our thing. It’s not about shaking out the sofa cushions looking for loose change. It’s about doing the legwork to understand the business requirements; track down what’s actually going on with contracts, terms, etc.; and build back up to a solution that delivers on requirements with zero waste. The result? A 50% savings. Five-oh. Enough to fund a lot of great new stuff. Read the full case study.

BCM One, a managed solutions provider, offers managed IT operations and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.

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