7 Ways Working With BCM One Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

7 Ways Working With BCM One Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

On paper it might sound like a good idea to work directly with the carriers and suppliers of your communications infrastructure. It gives you control. They’re accountable directly to you. But in reality, the process of evaluating, selecting, deploying, and managing technologies can be challenging along a number of different fronts. Here are seven ways working with BCM One as your single-point-of-contact technology partner can actually save you time, money, and headaches from day one.

1. Get a complete, requirements-driven (not technology-driven) solution.
Today’s environments are a complex web of services and technologies which are delivered through multiple carriers and suppliers. Navigating this landscape to design a solution, procure all the hardware and software components, and deploy it takes a lot of know-how and a lot of time. And each individual vendor you work with will focus almost exclusively on their technology piece of the puzzle—it’s up to you to figure out how all those pieces fit together in your big picture. BCM One is technology-agnostic and we have relationships with over 50 suppliers, so we start with your business requirements and from there build several options for you to choose from. Our only agenda is delivering the best, most value-driven solution to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

2. Increase your buying power.
When you work with BCM One, you benefit from the strong relationships we have with our suppliers and the combined buying power across our entire client base of 4,000+ organizations to get you the best possible value for your technology investment. And we’ll take on the heavy lifting of contract negotiations which can be complex and time-consuming.

3. Have flexibility if (when) business requirements change.
Your business isn’t static, which means that your requirements can evolve. When you work directly with individual suppliers, it can be difficult to adapt as needs change. For example, if you buy a piece of equipment from a vendor, you’re locked into that contract. With BCM One, if that piece of equipment no longer works for you, we can swap it out for a different vendor and handle all the contracts in the background. Of course, we’re going to do our absolute very best to give you a solution on day one that meets your long-term needs, but we also understand that stuff happens and we’ll adapt the solution as needed.

4. Have expert eyes watching your entire environment.
Carrier services and network services can no longer be perceived—and managed—as separate. With technologies such as hosted VoIP, cloud, SD-WAN and others, it’s all one integrated environment and you have to monitor the system as a whole. If something does go wrong, you can’t afford waste time because the carrier is blaming the network, and the network folks are blaming the carrier. With BCM One’s managed services, we monitor everything so we can identify an issue and get it resolved faster, without any finger-pointing.

5. Stay strategic with quarterly reviews.
Many vendors will offer quarterly reviews, but they’ll be specific to their solution set. BCM One’s quarterly reviews evaluate your environment holistically. We also keep you up to date on what’s going on in the industry to keep you ahead of the curve to support business and top-line revenue drivers.

6. Optimize your technology spend.
BCM One has developed an automated technology expense optimization process to help clients better manage their technology spend. Our unique and proprietary Sophia™ tool provides a complete picture of services, invoices, SLAs, contract dates, contract terms, and more to uncover errors (unfortunately, all too common in the industry) and identify opportunities to save money and/or improve services. With Sophia, many clients have found savings within their existing environment to fund new projects to drive their businesses forward. And it’s only available from BCM One.

7. Get instant expertise in just about any scenario.
Individual vendors are experts in their technology. BCM One, however, has over a quarter century of experience helping clients meet business requirements. Whatever you need, chances are high we’ve done it before (a lot) and you can benefit from that expertise. Take a move, for example. It may be an infrequent occurrence for your company and when you do need to move, the person in charge may not have done it before. We do dozens of moves every month, so we know all the gotchas.

How can BCM One save you time, money, and headaches?
Contact us to talk about your needs. We’ll build a solution tailored to meet them.

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