BCM One Partners With Leading Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

BCM One Partners With Leading Cybersecurity Consulting Firm


BCM One Partners With Leading Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

Provides Reliable Cybersecurity Consulting & Managed Security Services

NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 31, 2017 – BCM One, a leading technology solutions provider, announced today a partnership with Secure Technology Integration Group (STIGroup), a cybersecurity firm providing consulting, secure IT engineering and managed security services.  The partnership extends beyond cloud and bandwidth, into deep managed security across the entire estate of client assets.

STIGroup and BCM One have teamed together to provide BCM One clients reliable options with regards to security services including: managed SIEM, managed firewall, endpoint threat detection and prevention, incident response and forensics, penetration testing, and regulatory compliance.  The STIGroup security operations center (SoC) is powered by best of breed technology and is monitored by STIGroup analysts on a 24x7x365 basis.

“At this present time, cybersecurity is more important than ever for any line of business. The STIGroup has proven to be a reliable and highly experienced organization to provide our clients with the critical security solutions needed to protect their network infrastructure,” stated Jay Monaghan, Partner & President of BCM One.  “Together with BCM One, we have an innovative unique offering consisting of cloud, bandwidth, and enterprise data security, providing clients with unmatched technology integration and professional service delivery,” said David Gordon, President of STIGroup.

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